Bold Soul Sunny G's
Bold Soul Sunny G's

    Bold Soul Sunny G's


      It is often said, your shades define who you are. Fashionable men are proud shades collectors, adventurous and among the quickest to adopt glasses trends - and for good reason. All the sinister things that the sun does to skin apply to vision, too. UV rays penetrate our eyes and cause cumulative damage.

      But sunglasses’ serious purpose doesn’t mean they have to be subtle or boring. Bold Soul Sunny G's are definitely a must-have for a man who is hooked on to fashion. Bold Soul Sunny G's are statement-making sunglasses that add an instant dose of attitude and style. If you're one of those who is looking for an easy way to differentiate yourself from the crowd, Bold Soul Sunny G's will be your best friend on any given day.  Go for the celeb look now with Bold Soul Sunny G's.

      • Frame Material: Aluminum
      • Style: Square
      • Lenses: Polaroid
      • Uses: Sports, Driving, Fishing, Vacation