Why 'revamping' your wardrobe in advance is a perfect lockdown distraction?

on October 19, 2020

Need to exert a little control in these chaotic times? Streamlining your clothes is the ideal project for when you are staying in, to be ready to walk out right after lockdown is completed. 

We could all do with that right now. In the space of days, the fabric of our daily lives has changed out of all recognition. We are in our homes, yet in completely unfamiliar territory. It helps a little bit, I think, to take control of that home environment in a positive way. A wardrobe sort-out is a pitch-perfect distraction- it is just absorbing enough to keep your mind from spinning out on the centrifugal forces of existential angst, without being taxing on your already overloaded brain. 

Putting together jazzy outfits at a point when your social life is non-existent is a cheering reminder that, although this is seismic, it is temporary; the world will start turning again and it is nice to remind ourselves that there will be an afterward.

With that in mind, a strong question arises in the minds of one and all- What outfits to pick to be flaunted once lockdown has ended? It is only natural that the collection has to be in line with the weather that is coming ahead- SUMMER!

Below are some sexy, stylish, sophisticated outfits that you can flaunt once this 'temporary period' passes.


1) Impeccable Me V-Neck Mini


2) Ciara Off Shoulder Playsuit


3) Alluring Summer Beach Dress


4) Fashionable Me Lush Spaghetti Dress


5) Sophia Spaghetti Lounge Dress


While the world is on pause, we have the time to do the things we never have time to do. You won’t be in those tracksuit bottoms forever. There will be an afterward. And if that is not worth dressing up for, we don’t know what is.








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