When did everyone stop wearing trousers? How the ‘no-pants’ trend took over

on March 08, 2023

Ladies, leave your trousers at home. Celebrities and designers have officially declared the no-pants trend the season's most coveted look. 

The disappearance of pants from the streets and runways happened gradually. First came the bike short boom. Then sweatpants reigned supreme during the pandemic. When the girlies started going out again, pleated skirts and micro minis were all the rage. And last year baggy, borderline ill-fitting denim had a brief moment in the sun. 

But somewhere along the way, we stopped wearing pants except in the most billowing and forgiving of forms—trousers that pool around around the body instead of clinging to it; pants so oversized that brands used words like “balloon” and “parachute” to describe the silhouette; trousers that in no way resemble trousers as we previously knew them. And now, with the likes of Prada, Prabal Gurung, Chanel, and Christian Siriano sending intentionally half-dressed models down the catwalk in sheer tights, barely-there tap shorts, exposed panties, and bare legs, it seems pants may be headed for mass extinction.

Underwear-as-outerwear has a cyclical resurgence at least once every decade. But this year's iteration of pants-optional dressing can be traced back to a handful of pivotal fashion moments. Few have done more to advance the cause of leg liberation than Hailey Bieber, who's been skipping pants since 2017 at least. Sure, Beyoncé and Rihanna continue to wear it better. 

At Paris Fashion Week, Kylie Jenner blurred the line between underwear and outerwear even further in head-to-toe Loewe, featuring a pair of Y-front, menswear-inspired tighty whiteys worn over sheer tights and a long gray coat thrown on top. 

The no-pants trend is smug, impractical fashion at its finest. But it's also a delicious opportunity to set your trousers aside for a season or two and explore the outer limits of acceptability. Wear lingerie to brunch. Meet the parents in an outfit that's really just a jacket. Walk your dog in sheer tights. Take the trend and run with it. You're not wearing pants, so there's nothing left to lose.  


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