What to wear to your next party?- Best outfit ideas under $50!

on October 19, 2020

Back in the day, we would all wait for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas parties to dress up. Then there were summer, backyard, and BBQ parties – and, of course, the kitty parties. Cut to the present scenario – we just need a reason to party, dress up, drink, and dance. There are all sorts of parties, some that we are almost clueless about. We have all had so many such invites– and most of us always drew a blank on what to wear to these parties! If you have an invite and not sure what to wear to it, or, you’re just generally looking for party wear outfit ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Now, get ready to rock that party because you have nothing to worry about. Let’s do this!


1) Sassy Off Shoulder Shirt Dress:

Sassy Off-Shoulder Shirt Dress designed to take you from an effortless day edge to make an entrance at the cocktail bar. A dress with clean, tailored and relaxed fit ensured to give you a chic look.' Sassy Off-Shoulder Shirt Dress', a simple yet extremely sexy attire is proving to be mega-luxe this season. Priced at just $37.


2) Fashion Diva Striped Mini Outfit:

A real Fashion Diva is always known to standout no matter where she goes. The new Fashion Diva Striped Mini Outfit will bring about a flirty and stylish vibe, that you carry with you on a special evening. Priced at just $42.


3) Classy Missy Mini Dress:

Do you define yourself as classy, sophisticated and elegant? 'Classy Missy' is just what you need then- whether it's a girls night out for some cocktails or a first date night. Magnify your classy, sophisticated and elegant style & get all the attention you need in this 'Classy Missy' Mini Dress.' Available in 3 different colors namely Red, Green & White. Priced at just $42.


4) Saucy Strapped Club Dress:

"Got a night out planned? We got you covered with must-have; Saucy Strapped Black Club Dress. This figure-flattering A-Line silhouette dress will make sure you're feeling your best at any point in time. Opt to team it with a pair of stiletto heels and a popping clutch for a complete night-out attire. Warning: Saucy Strapped Club Dress will have all eyes glued on to you on you. Priced at just $35.


5) One Shoulder Crop Top & Skirt:

Would you like to receive compliments for having a unique, stylish and dashing outfit for your next date? Here is the ultra-hip, ultrasophisticated and unique 'One-Shoulder Crop Top & Skirt'  keeping in mind your desire to 'feel special' and 'be complimented.' Priced at just $35.


No matter what men say about women and their madness for clothes, these things are more important than anybody realizes because being dressed appropriately and presentable is THE most important thing about attending a party, regardless of where you are going and who you are going with.




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