What it means for you to be in the USL Elite Club?

Don't we all love to be in the 'Elite Club?'

However, before being a part of any 'elite club or group' all of us want to understand the value we are getting in return. That being the case, kindly review the information below to understand the value you will derive from being an 'USL Elite.'



1) HIGHER DISCOUNTED rate for all your future purchases.

2) EXTENDED discount period during promo offers.

3) 30-DAYS exchange policy* instead of 25 days.

4) FIRST ONES to know about our new item launches and promotions.

5) FREE SHIPPING for all future purchases.

6) Designated PRIORITY customer support.

7) Opportunity to WORK with us. 

8) FREE MEMBERSHIP to 1 family member to be part of USL Elite Club.

9) Heavy BIRTHDAY specials.

*(in case of any genuine concern with the product).


All of the above, for one-time initial shopping of your favorite collection worth $150 (less 30% discount at checkout).

I want to be a part of USL Elite Club Now


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