Want to look Muscular in your outfit? This one is for you!

We hear you say!

-Putting on muscle takes forever…

-Is it possible to put on mass with style?

Fortunately, there is a way. Well…yes to an extent.

Here are some tips that can help you look more Muscular!

1. Choose Clothes That Are Perfect For Your Body Type:

The clothes that you wear do create an optical illusion or visual effect. How you wear your outfit will either make a good lasting impression or not.

2. Blazers, Sport Coats, And Suit Jackets Are Your Best Buddies:

Give your arms, shoulders, chest and back a big instant boost by wearing a full cut suit jacket. It's made to accentuate the aesthetic appearance of the male physique.

3. Search For Size-Enhancing Textiles:

Use fabrics such as:

  • Denim
  • Flannel
  • Corduroy
  • Tweed

4. Augment Your Neck With A Collar:

Put on garments with a strong and firm collar.  It can be anything from:

  • Button up shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Funnel necks
  • Collared sweaters
  • Crew neck sweaters
  • Shawl necks
  • Zip necks
  • Turtlenecks

5. Put On Enough Layers For A Big Lift:

Piling up on several layers of clothes is another technique that works well because the middle torso and shoulders are given special emphasis.

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