If a Fashion girl skipped Zara, she'd try these 5 items!

on October 19, 2020

We all know and understand the fascination everyone has with a class retailer in the name of Zara. However, this time around ladies, we bring about some trendy merch, if diversification is on your mind and you want to take just a little break from Zara overhauls.

To showcase the forward range, we rounded up 5 chic and affordable clothing items we bet fashion girls would love, even if they’re used to uncovering gems at Zara.

Keep scrolling to scoop up one (ahem, or a few) of the below pieces to round out your wardrobe.


1) Sassy Off Shoulder Shirt Dress


2) Scarlett Sophisticated Winter Jacket


3) Fashion-Diva Striped Mini Outfit


4) Modish Blazer Suit


5) Sophia Spaghetti Lush Lounge Dress


With these top 5 items, we believe we have put enough on your platter for the weekend!


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