Colors you should be wearing in summer!


So, summer is the absolute best time to be wearing colors.

In fall and winter, colors tend to be more dark and/or muted, for summer, you want to go light and/or bright — but never overdo it on the brightness. Outfits for guys don’t need more than one bright-colored piece.

Lighter and brighter colors are more summer appropriate because they better reflect the summer mood. The sun is shining, flowers are bloomed, everybody’s feeling happier (except for summer-haters, I guess).

Bright colors reflect this change in atmosphere — just like muted, darker colors better reflect the winter months.

The big benefit of wearing light & bright colors is that they keep you cooler in the sun. As most people know, dark colors absorb the heat, so you should avoid those. The lighter your clothes, the less heat they’ll absorb.

With that in mind, you want to avoid wearing outfits that are too dark. You can wear black or dark pieces, but going too dark shows everyone you have no clue how to dress in summer. It kinda makes you look like a social pariah.

So don’t be afraid to get out there with your colors! That is the whole point of this season.

Note: The darker your tan gets, the better bright colors will look on you. Those with paler complexions are better of avoiding the brighter options and choose lighter ones instead.


-Insight by Robert

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