Shop with Zero Disappointment- 3 powerful questions to ask yourself before purchase!

on October 19, 2020

Hello Fashionistas, here's something to get you pumped next time you decide to shop. You might be wondering if there is really a way to build your wardrobe, to make sure you always buy the right clothes?  A way to never feel guilty about what you buy, cut out unnecessary spending and always love to wear what you buy? The Answer is YES!  Ask yourself these 3 powerful questions to help you decide:

1. Will it go with 3 other items in my closet? Apply “Rule of 3”

The #1 question to ask when buying an item is to make sure it will coordinate with at least 3 other items currently in your wardrobe. This is especially important when you keep a capsule wardrobe every season.  Here’s an example: say, you find an ivory trim tank.  You love the neutral color, the fit, and the design. Will it go with at least 3 items in your wardrobe?  If the answer is yes, it would be a great buy!

2. Does it fit well with my body shape?

You look your best when your closet fit your body.  When you find a piece you like, try it on and look in the mirror.  Does the shape of the item go well with your body shape?  Does it show off your best features and hide any unflattering ones?  If an item fits you well and you look great in it, chances are you’ll love it and will want to wear it over and over! 

3. Is it the right color for me?

This is an important tip.  As always neutral colors look great on everyone.  But, not all color tones of neutrals do.  When you wear white, do you look washed out?  On the other hand, when you wear ivory does your skin have a glow to it?  Gray colors are tricky too.  You may look gorgeous wearing charcoal grey, but you may not wear light grey.  When you find a piece you like, find a mirror in the store and hold up the piece in front of you. If it is the right color, then you’ll be happy buying it and will wear it.

Credits: Leanne!

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by Kathleen on October 12, 2020

Absoloutely love this blog and couldnt agree more. I am very pale skinned and wearing anything too light or pink ju6at makes me look so washed out!
As a mum i am definitely one for making sure my items will work well with other pieces in my wardobe and last all the seasons through! Love a bargain ❤


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