5 must-have shoes for men!

Comfort and style are two of the most important aspects to look for in a shoe. The wrong pair of shoes can make even the classiest outfit look trashy and the right pair can make the simplest outfits stand out. Here are 5 must-have shoes for men!

1. Black Dress Shoes:

These are a classic. Simple, Stylish and Comfortable. Can be paired with suits, denim, and chinos. Perfect for either a formal or a casual affair. There are few things that don’t team up well with Black. I would suggest, especially if you are looking for just one perfect pair of black dress shoes that go with everything, that you pick a pair of dress shoes with a matte finish rather than a shiny pair of dress shoes simply because the former are easier to pair with any outfit. You can select from loafers, brogues, oxfords, monk straps, moccasins, derby shoes and so on.

2. Brown Dress Shoes:

These are everything Black dress shoes are but in Brown. They look rich and compliment most of your outfits very well. All guys should refrain from buying the same design and pattern of dress shoes in both black and brown. The key is to switch it up and experiment a little. Since you are opting only for one pair of brown dress shoes I think you should put some thought in it rather than get the same black dress shoes in brown.

3. Boots:

These have an allure and are extremely sexy. They work great with casuals and can be teamed with jeans, cargos, and corduroys. You can get ankle length boots, desert snub nose fry, riding boots, army boots, cowboy boots, motorcycle boots… There are many choices. They have a little heel and hence they will add a few inches to your stature making you look taller. Perfect for the guys conscious about their height and definitely beats the lifts used to make you look taller.

4. Leather Casuals:

These are your go-to shoes. Absolutely comfortable and hassle-free. The kind that you can wear without socks can team up with pants or short and give you the freedom to do what you like without worrying about your footwear and what if about if they get spoiled. They are a versatile piece of footwear. You can pick between lace-ups or slip-on. 

5. Sneakers

Now point to be noted here is that these are not the sneakers you wear for running or training or to the gym, that are meant for exercising or jogging and always look worn even if you brought it last week and only wear it to the gym. A nice and different pair of fashion sneakers that you use not for exercising but when you are stepping out for a day around town. You know for something casual and laid back. The fashion sneakers work well with denimand chinos. You can have fun with these by picking up contrasting and bright colored laces or funky prints.

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