5 'Infits' that will keep you Polished but Cozy during Quarantine!

on October 19, 2020

If you’re one of the millions of people telecommuting from your living room couch for the first time, the challenges of working from home are starting to become glaringly real. Sure, maybe not having to shower was exciting at first, although that novelty wears off fast. Plus, Zoom meetings are the new normal. There is a filter to help fake the “I woke up like this” look, but that still leaves your outfit in question and sadly there’s no filter for that. Here are some inspiring infits that are polished but still embody a stylish lifestyle.

1) Snazzy O-Neck Summer Dress

'Snazzy O-Neck Beach dress is a perfect dreamy infit for a relaxed vibe amidst quarantine- designed to keep you cool & look at your very best.


2) Bold Off-Shoulder Floral Dress

"Be bold and bare your shoulders in this cute Bold Off-Shoulder Floral Dress. This colorful piece can be worn at any time of the day- Netflix, cooking, grab Insta shot? You got it all with this one.


3) Beautiful Me Chic Shorts

Sexy pair of shorts is a must-have during this time. Beautiful Me Chic Shorts, a perfect piece to have on after a busy workday. 


4) Sumptuous Chic Lounge Dress

Floral dresses are just as versatile as your LBD, especially when it comes to spring/summer dressing. Wanna look fashionable at home? Nothing expresses fashion quite like Sumptuous Chic Lounge Dress.


5) Ultra-Chic Short Sleeve Casual Dress

If you dreamed of sunny spring break days, this simple but stylish dress will maybe, just maybe, give you vacation vibes from home.


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