3 Must Have Trending Shades in Autumn 2020

on November 06, 2020

Its great to have the sun shining all year long in for so many reasons, especially when there you need an excuse to amp up and update your sunglass shelves. Fans of the flirty and becoming cat-eye style, which adds that glamorous retro vibe to any look, will instantly fall for this collection. Oversized Sunnies, the perfect choice for hiding those tired eyes or undercover glares, are also getting an appealing makeover & worth flexing some plastic for.

Here's our top 3 favorites for Autumn 2020


1) Audree Autumn 2020 Glares: 

It's time to say goodbye to the '90s micro shades that Bella Hadid made you buy (and quickly regret) last year, and the smudged aviators still gathering dust at the bottom of your summer holiday bag. 2020's sunglasses are bigger and bolder than ever. Grab yourself a pair of 'Audree' Autumn 2020 Glares for the ultimate GLAM look. 


2) Olivia Sun Deemers:

Want to protect your eyes from strong sunshine or just look extremely fashionable, as you let the rest of your body soak up the sun? It's time to get your hands on 'Olivia Sun Deemers.' The cat-eye pair gives you the ultimate stylish and trendy look and offers a good UV protection so that you can spend long summer days in the out of doors without worrying about damaging your retina. 


3) Evershine Fashionista Mirror Shades:

A trendy pair of oversized sunglasses will make you feel so cool as you keep your eyes protected this summer.  'Evershine Fashionista Mirror Shades' give the perfect finishing touch for all kinds of outfits. The right pair of oversized glasses can help you channel the classy elegance of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, or it can turn you into a flower child just in time for all the hot music festivals. Don't wait & grab your sexy on!


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