3 Fashion Trends to have on your Radar in 2023

on December 31, 2022

As the temperature keeps dropping, we can't help but fantasize about what awaits us next year. Getting ahead of the game never hurt anyone, and what better way to occupy the gloomier months than by planning our 2023 wardrobe.

1) Mini Dresses: When you get down to it, mini dresses are an undisputed summer wardrobe staple. Sure, you have your adult-proof denim shorts, a top-notch selection of white T-shirts, and plenty of tank tops—but mini dresses? You need a few of those in your 2023 wardrobe too. Mini dress is certainly a trend for the year because there's never really a wrong time to wear them.

2) Thigh High Slits: Front slit dresses are classy and glamorous at the same time. These dresses are perfect for any party, date nights—when you want to steal all the attention & to be in the limelight. This is why it these fits make it to the 2023 trend to lookout for. For a wow-factor look in 2023, go for a thigh high slit with bold colors.

3) Utility Fits: "The glam utility trend is peak Y2K - a nostalgic mashup of satin jumpsuits, sheer cargo pants and low-slung belted skirts that have been elevated for a true dress-up moment. In 2023, simply slip on a boiler suit, unzip to the navel and add a killer pair of heels.


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